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About Us

VueTOO began operations in April 2006. The company's founder, J. Tamargo, recognized the need to blend content from a variety of disparate content types and sources and be able to see it in a unified view, and at an affordable cost.  


VueTOO is an Internet media company with a free ad-supported VueTOO network where users can view and customize existing content in a unique visual view for personal use. Our media brands include "The Situation Page".


VueTOO is a software solutions provider, offering its unique Unified Visual Content Management software to government, education and private firms.

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Who's watching VueTOO.

A small sample of where registered VueTOO users come from...

U. S. Coast Guard
U. S. Air Force
U. S. Navy
U. S. Army
U. S. Central Command
U. S. Iraq Central Command
U. S. Northcomm
U. S. National Guard
CDC, Department of Homeland Security

AAA, ABC, Ace Hardware
Alaskair, Amazon Associated Press
Bloomberg, Boeing
CBS News, Cisco, Citrix
Disney, Dunn & Bradstreet, Dow Jones
E-Entertainment, Experian
Fedex, Forbes, Fox News
Gannett, GE
Harris, Harrahs

MIT, Baylor, UCLA, Harvard



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