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VueTOO pages are sticky!
Web and Media Publishers can aggregate any combination of news, weather, entertainment, sports, and social sites to use internally or share with clients or the public.

Attract and hold a more loyal segment of your web site visitors. 
Create a VueTOO view with the web content you already have with little or no work.

VueTOO Unified Visual Content Management Server gives you the power to blend any content type and display it simultaneously in multiple views to the desktop, digital sign networks and mobile devices.
Centralize your diverse web assets into combined  or single views
simply by using your existing content
Your home page
Event or related content pages
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter
...put them all together in any configuration.

Leverage your existing web content and off web content by reinventing its view.

Create news or other events oriented pages with common elements to the event.

Provide users with a common entry point to all web assets, your home page, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Build sticky content that users can modify.

Render and combine any web content to large form factor devices: video walls, large screen plasma & LCD, existing digital sing networks and digital media players.

Simultaneously deliver multiple video content and formats.


Changes apply instantly to your VueTOO pages

Scalable with VueTOO Cluster solutions

Software as a Service or on-Premise based license

Content securely accessed via LAN/WAN and/or public Internet

Digital sign formatting and Wide Screen LCD & DMP support (Cisco)

End user visual wireless content fusion

Streaming media
Digital video
RSS feeds
Other websites
Images & maps

Content on your network
Public Internet
Standalone application programs
Wireless devices


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